Cooling Towers in Chesterfield

According to Cooling Technology Institute, a cooling tower is “ a heat rejection device, which extracts waste heat to the atmosphere though the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature”.   Heat rejection devices used in cooling towers are called “evaporative” because they allow a small portion of the water being cooled to evaporate into a moving air stream that provides significant cooling to the rest of the water stream.  Air conditioning systems, such as those installed and serviced by Ricotta Heating and Air, sometimes use cooling towers.

Evaporative heat rejection systems help to deliver drastically lower water temperatures than dry heat or air-cooled rejection devices.  They are also more cost-effective and a more energy efficient operation of systems in need of cooling.  If you imagine something radically hot being quickly cooled by pouring water on it that evaporates, such as your car radiator, the cooling principle is similar.

Cooling towers are a vital component of all power and commercial / industrial cooling systems, so their performance is critical.  Our skilled technicians at Ricotta Heating and Air understand that even the best systems break down at times; we are prepared to

* Analyze performance

* Identify the problems

* Implement solutions

Armed with OEM & retrofit parts Ricotta can work on equipment from any cooling tower manufacturer.  Our goal is to restore your tower to its optimal thermal performance quickly, efficiently and economically.

Ricotta Heating & Air’s factory-trained technicians service all brands of AC cooling towers, makes and models including AEC, BAC, Morley, and Delta.  We are ready to meet all your cooling tower service and maintenance needs.

Until next time,

Rachel of the Ricotta blog team


About Alan V. Ricotta Sr.

Barbara Ricotta is the owner of Ricotta Heating & Air, a family run business serving the metropolitan St. Louis area for over 50 years.
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