Ricotta Heating & Air keeps you in the know: New home energy efficiency can lead to POOR air quality?

That’s right, and I was just as surprised as you! Here’s how this can happen:

New homes in St. Louis are often 'air tight' for energy efficiency --and poor air quality

Newer homes often boast of ‘airtight construction,’ designed to improve energy efficiency. Newer high efficiency heating and cooling systems continuously re-circulate existing indoor air, which can be filled with airborne particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from chemicals that are part of construction materials, finishing chemicals in carpets, varnishes and paint, household cleaners, and/or pest control or lawn chemicals products. Sources of indoor air pollutants include:

  • Bedrooms (chemicals from clothes, furniture, bedding, carpet)
  • Bathrooms (cleaning chemicals, bacteria)
  • Attics, crawl spaces and basements (mold, radon)
  • Common living areas (furniture & carpet chemicals, pet dander, dust mites)
  • Kitchen (cooking smoke, bacteria)
  • Garage (gas, lawn and garden chemicals, etc.)

These VOCs can build over time and the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your home can be compromised. And, because most people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, exposure to indoor pollutants can be a real problem, especially if someone in your family has chemical sensitivity, allergies or asthma. So, get in the habit of changing your air filters regularly — and make sure you have the best one for your home.

What can you do to find out if your house has a safe VOC level? Call Ricotta Heating & Air, the St. Louis area indoor air quality specialists, at (636) 274-5900, to schedule an Indoor Air Quality Assessment. This testing is just $99, and you will have the results of the test on the spot. Your Ricotta technician can make suggestions on what to do to help if you have a problem, including a $99 rebate towards the purchase an Indoor Air Quality solution.

-Lew of Ricotta blog team


About Alan V. Ricotta Sr.

Barbara Ricotta is the owner of Ricotta Heating & Air, a family run business serving the metropolitan St. Louis area for over 50 years.
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