Geothermal heating and cooling – Everyone should get it!

One thing that everyone should be thinking about when it comes to power is how you can start to go “off the main grid.”  This refers to methods of producing energy for your home that are not primarily reliant on your local electric company. From solar panels to wind
turbines, there are many ways that you can go about to produce clean electric. The reason for doing so is to be able to help clean the planet, so that our children will be able to enjoy it as well. In the future, maybe we will be able to find a source of energy that will last a lifetime, which will not produce any toxic waste, but until that time, finding alternative energy sources is imperative.

One thing that is moving the world towards this future is the geothermal heating and cooling unit. The way that this geothermal unit works is to harness the heat that the earth is producing. It then channels the air that is going to your house to an underground loop. When the air is in the loop, it will be compressed to any temperature that you want. All you need to do is to decide what temperature you want in your home. During different months the heat is either removed, to produce cool air,  or funneled back into your home as warm and toasty heated air.

This entire process does no damage to the environment. Using this, we also do not
have to worry about sudden shut downs in power grids that might affect us. Thunder storms or down power lines will not affect you, if you are off the main grid. Think about all the money that you will be able to save as well. The way to count your savings is easy. Look at your bills for every single month. When you see how much you are paying for each month, count how much this adds up over a year.

Studies have shown that a geothermal heating and cooling unit will save you money in the long run. During colder months it has been proven that you will save 50% to 87% of your heating cost. Think of how much that amount will add up to. When it is during summer or hot months the geothermal unit will save you up to 50% of your cooling bills. When you add that amount together, think of how much you are saving for a year. This geothermal unit will pay for itself it less than a year’s time. Another advantage is that once you have this unit installed it will last for a very long time.

When you are using this clean form of energy, you will also be able to apply for a tax credit.
New geothermal units that you are installing will be able to get up to a 30% geothermal federal tax credit. You will be able to use this to offset the total cost of the installation and the purchase cost of the geothermal unit. If you really want to be free from the high cost of energy, which is being produced by expensive oil and natural gasses, you will be able to start doing so by installing a geothermal unit. Don’t wait,  get one today and think about all the advantages.


About Alan V. Ricotta Sr.

Barbara Ricotta is the owner of Ricotta Heating & Air, a family run business serving the metropolitan St. Louis area for over 50 years.
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