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To heat your home you may well be using up a surprisingly high percentage
of your income, for many people it is as much as 5% of what they earn and
what few realize is that it should be and could be a lot less.

You may not like to talk to much about money with friends but it may be
interesting to talk to a few people and see how widely their heating costs
vary for what may be seemingly similar houses.

Insulation may be the first step to saving on heating as well as on summer
cooling but you can take your energy, and money, saving much further if you
are willing to lay out some money for a new heating system.

The technology for heating your home is moving as fast as the cost of energy
which has for the last ten years been on the up and up. If your boiler or
furnace is more than ten years old it is already very out of date and even a
five year old boiler might be worth looking at.

Whatever heating system you buy looking at the energy efficiency rating but
from a lot of heating engineers or stores you may have a limited choice of
boilers and furnaces that could be an improvement on what you have but not
the only options.

A boiler or furnace though may have the advantage that they can easily slot
in to where you have previously had one or the other. A furnace especially
though may be very inefficient and though it heats your home quickly it
uses a lot of energy to do this. A two stage boiler or furnace is much more
efficient anyway. With a two stage boiler or furnace you get one setting
where they are designed to run at a level to maximize energy efficiency and
slowly warm your home slightly, which for a lot of the autumn, winter and
spring is all you need. It is only when it gets really cold you need the second

A furnace and even a great new boiler can still be out performed in terms of
the energy used and money spent. There are two options to look at based on
heat pumps.

The first uses only the heat from the air around your home to warm your
home. A heat pump can take the heat from around your home and condense
it to heat refrigerant. The super heated refrigerant then heats the water
or air being passed through it. It is more efficient for heating water and of
course the warmer it is outside the more efficient it is but it can work with air
temperatures outside down to at least minus 14 degrees.

With a geo-thermal heat pump you get better efficiency for heating and the
ability to heat bigger properties and even entire blocks. You can also use a
geo thermal pump more efficiently for cooling. The heat is taken from within
the ground and condensed in the same way and if the system is reversed the
heat is taken from your home and returned to the cooler layer of the ground
beneath your home.

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