Air Conditioning – You Ought To Know

Air conditioning refers to the cooling down of the indoor air in order to bring it to
a temperature that is optimal for comfort and productivity. At the same time it often
incorporates filters which help it to also act as an air cleaner and remove the bacteria and
dirt particles in the air. Sometimes the term air conditioning can be used generally to
refer to any kind of heating and cooling, disinfection or ventilation – here the air
conditioning simply means improving the condition of the air for your purposes; though
an air conditioning installation itself will normally refer to the first purpose.
Air conditioning installations are appliances that are designed then to be able to
stabilise the air temperature and humidity within a set area. Normally this will be in
business properties such as offices or office blocks or in the home, but may also be used
in vehicles such as cars. Normally air conditioning installations work by using a
refrigeration cycle and sometimes using evaporation.
Air conditioning does not just help to improve the temperature of a room, but also
helps with many other things as a result of the filters that clean the air. This will for
instance clear bacteria from the air to help prevent the spread of illnesses such as colds.
At the same time it can prevent the spread of dust and dirt which can exacerbate
breathing difficulties such as asthma, and of allergens such as pollen which can
contribute to hay fever. This makes AC systems very useful for those who suffer from
these conditions, and for businesses who want to keep down illness among their staff. AC
units with disinfectant are also used for surgical wards and other places where it’s
necessary to maintain a sterile environment.
Air conditioning is believed to have first been used in Ancient Rome, where they
used aqueduct water through the walls of certain houses in order to cool them. They also
were responsible for other innovations in heating and air and similarly ran hot water
under the floors in order to warm them in winter making them the inventors of central
heating and air conditioning. Similar techniques were used in Persia during the medieval
period, where cisterns and wind towers were used in order to cool buildings.
Today AC installations involve the use of chemistry in order to cool the air, and
the first large scale air conditioning was used in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier. Now
air conditioning installations are often found in residential homes and businesses and will
use both duct systems and other methods in order to provide either localised air
conditioning (oasis conditioning) or building-wide temperature control.


About Alan V. Ricotta Sr.

Barbara Ricotta is the owner of Ricotta Heating & Air, a family run business serving the metropolitan St. Louis area for over 50 years.
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