Purchasing A Second Hand Hvac System To Save Cash Can Cost You A Lot More Than Purchasing A Brand New Hvac System

Purchasing A Second Hand Hvac System To Save Cash Can Cost You A Lot More Than Purchasing A Brand New Hvac System

The HVAC marketplace is presently flooded with HVAC companies selling clients used HVAC systems. Individuals are selling used systems on eBay and Craig’s list. You will find clearly lots of home owners who believe that this appears like a good idea because otherwise people wouldn’t sell their used systems. Well I’m here to tell you just how purchasing a second hand HVAC system will invariably set you back 1000’s a lot more than purchasing a brand new HVAC system.

You will find also lots of ways that exist cheated in buying a second hand HVAC system. The majority of the used HVAC systems available on the market happen to be taken off the house so there’s no possible way to inform when the systems work. You can purchase a system from the guy on craig’s list and also have your HVAC contractor do the installation simply to discover the machine is shot and completely useless. Despite reading through this short article should you still think that your very best decision is to find a second hand system. Make certain you purchase one in the Contractor who’s setting up it. This way when it doesn’t function properly you’ll have option.

Some used systems could have a compressor having a slow leak. If you’re purchasing a second hand HVAC system from someone who continues to have it installed at their house to prove it works they might have experienced is billed lately and it might be several weeks before you decide to uncover the leak which may render the machine a dreadful value. You would need to replace the compressor that could are more expensive than you compensated to purchase the used system to begin with.

Now allow me to let you know that purchasing another hands used HVAC system costs greater than a used system. Much like computer systems we’ve got the technology for HVAC systems is continually enhancing. Each year they improve and much more efficient! A few of the HVAC systems today consume less energy than the usual hair dryer. If you have a method that’s 5 years old and under 8 SEER your are likely investing about forty to 50 percent of energy bill to warmth and awesome your house. Whenever you double that HVAC systems efficiency by setting up the cheapest finish new system available that system will pay by itself in energy savings in under 3 years.

Therefore the lesson here’s you might pay a bit more in advance to purchase a brand new HVAC system as opposed to a used one. But within the existence of this system it will help you save hundreds of 1000’s of dollars. It is just like giving your raise each month by getting a power bill that’s as much as 50 percent more compact than you presently pay. Not simply will that savings purchase the brand new system but it will likewise invest in your next vacation, or possibly the next vehicle.

It’s very rare that you will get a lot more than you have to pay when ever it involves your HVAC system. You’re always going for a huge risk in purchasing a second hand HVAC system. Odds are when the product is used someone changed it for any reason. Why would you need to purchase another person’s HVAC problems? When you purchase a brand new system it’ll include a materials warranty that provides you with great bit of mind. Save the headache and purchase a brand new system. Don’t waist your time and effort looking for a good used system deal!

About Alan V. Ricotta Sr.

Barbara Ricotta is the owner of Ricotta Heating & Air, a family run business serving the metropolitan St. Louis area for over 50 years.
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